Bringing it home – Gymnastic equipment on call

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Bringing it home – Gymnastic equipment on call

Bringing it home – Gymnastic equipment on call

Practice makes perfect in any sport, and this is especially true for gymnastics, which is made up of a lot of complex moves that require a lot of practice to get right. Not everyone has access to their local gym, school gym, or club all the time, so the next best thing to do? Build a home gymnastics gym!

What equipment will you need?

The equipment that you’ll need depends, in part, on what sort of things you or your child are actually doing and how much room you have. Handstand Mats3

trainers, high bars, floor bars,metal bars, beams, inclines, they’re all easily sourced and available in multiple sizes and configurations. If a traditional high bar won’t fit in your home, you can install a custom metal bar set-up that will fill a similar niche.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a small weight set for doing a little bit of strength training. Leg and arm weights might be beneficial, too, and neither set costs a lot they can even be purchased used because they don’t tend to wear out too much. Not spending your retirement money is just as important as anything else! You’ll also want mats, as they’ll protect you from falls, which is really important for keeping healthy and happy!
You can obtain cheap gymnastics mats from McBryde Mats at fraction of the cost of mats from other manufacturers, made in the USA, and in whatever colors you like. You can keep your in-home theme intact. Many gymnastics equipment retailers offer their equipment in packages that help you save money while getting everything you need. Keep an eye out for bargains this way often, the cost of the package will be far, far less than what you’d otherwise pay to buy each piece of equipment separately. When you’re building a home gym of any kind, any savings you can make are really really important.

Things to keep in mind

Mats4Safety is paramount in any sport situation, and gymnastics it’s especially true. You’re at risk of major falls, of coming down the wrong way from a move, and otherwise facing sprains,breaks, and other career-ending or pausing injuries.
Keep enough room between your bars and the wall to allow you to complete a maneuver without hitting anything, and make sure your gym is padded properly. Your padding should be at least 1.6” thick to protect you from falls, and shouldn’t just be on the floor. It should also be put up on the walls, as the chances of flipping into a wall are still fairly high. With cheap gymnastics mats from McBryde, you’ll be able to afford to fully mat your gym area without breaking the bank.
If you’ve built your own home gymnastics gym using McBryde Mats, share your photos by tweeting at @mcbrydemats, or on Instagram
We’d love to see what you’ve done and maybe you’ll inspire somebody else to get their set-up going! Your success stories mean a lot to us, and we’re happy to answer your questions.

Check out another happy client of McBryde Mats below!



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    These equipment seem safe and efficient enough for practicing gymnastic at home!

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      Thats right Rafi! McBryde Mats make the best mats to keep athletes safe in their training!

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