All you need to know about floor mats for kids

//All you need to know about floor mats for kids

All you need to know about floor mats for kids

All you need to know about floor mats for kids

The best part about putting together any sort of kids’ activity center is the fact that you have a lot more options for what sort of floor covering you can pick.

Floor mats for kids come in dozens of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, making it really easy to pick something that matches the look you’re going for, and your overall color scheme.


Puzzle mats

Puzzle mats are usually foam, and no more than two inches thick. They protect against short falls, bumps, and slipping, and can be purchased in primary colors. Other versions of this mat have letters or numbers on them (making this mat double as a learning tool). Versions with simple symbols on them – flowers, for example – are available, too, and made of the same material. The unfortunate part of these foam mats is that they don’t take kids’ messes very well. They stain easily, but they can be wiped clean and kids love to pick at the foam.

Most puzzle mats are available in packages of 24-inch squares that interlock and are very lightweight. As a bonus, they’re at least waterproof.


Picture floor mats for kids

Do you remember those mats that had roads and buildings on them, that, as a kid, you could drive your toy cars around on them and have all sorts of imaginary adventures? They still exist. They still exist and they’re fantastic.

The best part is that they now come in foam versions that can be put together (with the kids’ help, even), and are nice and soft on little hands, feet, knees, and bottoms. These mats aren’t thick enough for intense activity, though, ranging between 3/8” and 5/8”. They do act as nice little learning tools, though.

If town maps aren’t quite what you’re looking for, other picture mats are available like world and country maps, phonics mats, and even little animal mats.

Or you can go for an old classic

Your general 2” thick athletic mat of the folding – or not – variety works just as well as a floor mat for kids. They’re easy to clean, easily disinfected, soft, and will easily stand up to whatever the kids will throw at them. They come in a variety of colors and will last a lot longer than plain foam mats. You won’t have to worry about the kids hurting themselves on these mats, either, and they can be easily put away when you’re done with them.

Plus, water won’t hurt them, and kids aren’t as likely to pick holes in them (they can’t, unless they have claws instead of nails).

Athletic mats can be ordered with custom art and your business’ logo if you get them from McBryde Mats, too. If you have an idea for a design, try running it by their representatives – you’ll find that what you get is a lot nicer than the traditional foam mat, will last a lot longer, and will better fit your needs because it’s customized to whatever you need

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