The last line of defense – wall padding for sports

//The last line of defense – wall padding for sports

The last line of defense – wall padding for sports

The last line of defense

Chances are, if you have ever been in a gym of any kind where there’s a padded area for any variety of exercises – from something like yoga to activities that may have more opportunity to bounce around, get thrown around, trip, tumble, or just plan run into something, and that area has wall padding. This sort of safety feature is extremely necessary for many martial arts and gymnastics, and it can mean the difference between a bruise and a break.

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What is wall padding?

Wall padding is pretty much the same thing as floor padding– at least, in how it’s made and what it’s made of. Most padding is made of a foam core and vinyl covering, and wall-mounted padding tends to have some kind of velcro strip across the back to allow it to stick to the wall, usually via a wall-mounted strip. Velcro is surprisingly strong when you’re using the right kind, and you don’t have to worry about this stuff moving no matter what kind of abuse you put it through.

Velcro? Really?

Yes. Industrial-strength velcro is very secure– I still remember trying to pull these mats off the wall of the school gym and nearly giving myself a hernia with the effort required. This stuff is meant for these applications and to provide a solid grip. Basically, velcro does not screw around.

The purpose of wall padding

This stuff is important. It sucks when you hit a wall at a high speed – someone careening into you and sending you off into a wall, tripping and running face-first into one (not that I’ve ever had that happen), or mistiming a maneuver and winding up flipping into the wall instead of landing on the floor in front of it. The difference between a minor ache and a broken nose is about three inches of padding.

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That’s basically what it comes down to. So if you’re looking to save some money by not putting up wall padding, or not putting up much, re-think that idea. The last thing you want to deal with is a cracked skull because you tripped and crashed head-first into a brick wall, or an angry parent whose kid bounced off an unpadded wall and is now dealing with a broken arm.

Safety is important
There’s nothing to be gained from being macho, but there’s plenty to be gained from playing it smart and doing what you need to do to keep yourself, your students, your coworkers, and/or anyone that uses your gym from dealing with a serious injury.

Where to purchase wall padding

McBryde Mats stocks various wall padding for your gym and at a price that’s better than their competitors. You’re guaranteed to be able to get something that’ll suit you, and if you need something in a specific color and shape combination – or with your gym’s logo on it –contact them today to get a price quote and get started on equipping your gym with the best wall padding available.

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