Master the art of Gymnastics at home

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Master the art of Gymnastics at home

Master the art of Gymnastics at home

You’re a parent, or you have friends with kids and you have the room for them to do all their tumbling and gymnastics moves, or you’re a gymnast and want to practice at home. Either way, whatever your reason, a home gymnastics gym is a great idea. What better way to make sure that you don’t forget the moves, or that your kids are able to practice no matter what?

The secret, of course, is getting the equipment. If you’re like many people, it’s important to be able to find cheap gymnastics equipment for your in-home set-up. You don’t want to give up quality, though!


Characteristics of good-and-high-quality gymnastics equipment

Good-quality equipment makes all the difference during practice. Good-quality mats won’t wear out before their time is up (on average, it’s expected that they’ll be replaced after 7 years), they will not show wear and tear very quickly, and the vinyl will not peel off – it will be fairly strong, easy to clean, and the padding itself will be nice and springy. If the mats you look at are hard as a rock themselves, they won’t do you any good.

Other features of good-quality gymnastics equipment is that the foam is shock absorbent (if not, it will not actually help keep you safe when you hit it), and it needs to be thick enough for whatever activity the mat is meant for. A tumbling mat that is only half an inch thick is not a tumbling mat at all.


Where to get cheap gymnastics equipment

There are several places to obtain cheap gymnastics equipment, depending on what item you’re looking for. Sports equipment stores often have used equipment available, which is cheaper than buying brand-new and the quality can be similar. Most sporting stores won’t re-sell used items that are too worn out for use, in really bad shape, or really gross. If you’re at a sporting goods store with a used item section where they have items that look like they should be replaced, or are in otherwise awful shape, go elsewhere. You really don’t want to buy from a store that doesn’t keep an eye on the quality of items that it’s selling.

Online stores can sometimes be cheaper, too. Amazon sells used product from people that have accounts with the website, and you can find used items on eBay. If you’re just buying online, though, you have to be careful because the products may not be what you’re expecting. Some sellers aren’t honest and will take pictures that put their item in the best light and leave out important issues with their product, like the tear along the bottom or the fact that one of the rings is broken.

You can also find items on craigslist and other classifieds sites. Don’t buy it sight unseen! Visit the seller, see the item in person, and check it thoroughly.

Another place to obtain cheap gymnastics equipment – or at least the mats – is McBryde Mats, which sells high-quality gymnastics mats and the accessories needed to install them. Go forth and build your home gym!

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  1. Rafi Morshed July 28, 2016 at 5:45 am - Reply

    Nice article! I guess with proper equipment it is possible to master the art of gymnastic at home.

    • McBryde Mats July 30, 2016 at 9:08 am - Reply

      It is indeed Rafi, but you need to get into the gym for a little instruction and then practice at home.

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