Proper mats for proper gymnastics – don’t get caught without them

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Proper mats for proper gymnastics – don’t get caught without them

Why you need proper gymnastics mats

Gymnastics and tumbling are physically rough sports that require a lot of movement, a lot of time to master, and can result in permanent injury if not done properly or with the right equipment. These injuries have a lasting impact on your ability to continue in the sport, often making it so that you can’t, and you’ll always feel the effects of them.


What is a gymnastics mat?

There are several types of gymnastics mat available, in several shapes and sizes. Mats like wedges and padding for balance bars help newbies learn skills, and people that are already adept keep on top of their skill set. When most people think of a gymnastics mat, they probably think of the segmented ones that are an inch or two thick and vinyl-covered. They aren’t wrong! That is just one kind of mat.

Common mats that are used are panel mats, folding panel mats, gymnastics cartwheel mats, crash pads, cheese wedges (no, really, that’s a mat), and even floor beams. They all have a foam core of some sort that’s wrapped in leather or PVC (usually, for gymnastics purposes, PVC/vinyl). At most, these mats wind up about three inches thick, with thickness depending on the type of mat and what it’s used for. The higher the possible impact, the thicker the mat.

What the heck is a cheese wedge?

For gymnastics, when we talk about a cheese wedge we’re talking about an inclined ramp pad that’s used for practicing maneuvers like backflips, tumbling, and other similar maneuvers. They’re used on the approach to a larger move, too. Don’t worry, your kids aren’t indulging in wine and cheese at gymnastics class – it’s an important safety feature for the sport.

A female gymnast performs a routine over the uneven bars

Why do you need a proper gymnastics mat set?

Onward to the point. Gymnastics mats are a safety feature: they pad the work surface and practice areas so that nobody gets hurt. The impact of the human body against a cement floor breaks bones, causes massive head trauma, and can even kill if that impact comes from enough of a height. Nobody wants to risk death or traumatic injury when learning their gymnastics moves, and all potential injuries that can take place in gymnastics can be prevented by proper application of a gymnastics mat or several.

Each mat makes up a safe, padded surface that reduces the impact of… well, impact with hard surfaces and helps reduce the chance of grievous injury. They’re absolutely necessary, especially for children whose bodies are still growing and developing, and for whom a serious injury can impact growth and their bodies in ways that might not be an issue for an adult.

Believe it or not, but kids aren’t actually made of rubber. They do heal faster than adults, for the most part, and can get up from some really intense stuff, but we really don’t want them
bouncing their heads off things or winding up with broken bones. All of that stuff takes away from the time they get to just be a kid.In short: get and use gymnastics mats if you’re going to set up a space for people to learn and practice. It’s irresponsible not to, and you can purchase affordable mats from McBryde Mats.

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  1. Nash Rich April 27, 2016 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    I did gymnastics when I was just a kid, and it’s scary when there isn’t a mat under you. Gymnasts have some pretty good crashes sometimes, so it can be pretty dangerous. I’m sure if there weren’t all kinds of different pads in gymnastics, nobody would do it.

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    Nice informative article about gymnastic mats! I guess this is one of the most important factors if any gymnasts want to avoid injuries.

    • McBryde Mats July 30, 2016 at 9:10 am - Reply

      Staying injury free in training is critical to keep athletes healthy and training.

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