A guide to cutting your McBryde Mats

//A guide to cutting your McBryde Mats

A guide to cutting your McBryde Mats

Congratulations! You have made a wise investment into your training by purchasing McBryde Mats for your home or gym. McBryde Mats are made right here in the USA, from the best quality materials with top workmanship. While we are able to assist our clients with custom fitments for their gyms, we realise that many of clients that purchased a setup for their home may have some difficulty in fitting their mats and might require cutting the mats in order for them to fit in the required space. This quick guide will give you a simple four step process to cut your McBryde mats for a perfect fit!

As with every task, you will need the correct tools to do the job right. The good news is that everything you need can be found at your local hardware store and won’t cost too much. Ask the store clerk for the following;

  1. A sturdy, retractable razor, cutting knife. Make sure it has an extension of up to five inches and is sturdy, so as not to step out of the cutting line when you apply pressure to it cutting the mat surface.
  2. A four-inch carpenter’s T-square, to make sure that you keep the edges straight.
  3. A chalk line, twelve feet should be more than enough, and don’t forget the chalk!
  4. A wide ink marker and some masking tape.
  5. An engineer’s straight edge.

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So now that your trip to the hardware store is done and your tools are ready, let’s begin! This process will describe what needs to be done if this is going to be a one-man job. If you can find someone to help you, so much the better, but you can get this done by yourself if need be. The instructions are valid whether you are cutting the mats from any axis, i.e. along its length, or it’s width.

Step 1

Measure twice, cut once. This old adage will save you a lot of pain. There’s nothing worse than making an incorrect cut, there is no going back from a bad cut, so make sure that you measure, check and the re-check all your measurements before you even think about applying blade to mat. Measure the required length to be cut and mark it on both sides of the mat across the cutting plane and then mark it with your marker.

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Step 2

Next up, take the chalk line and stick it with the masking tape to the marked measurement you have made on the mat (Make sure you have chalked the line properly before sticking it down with the tape) take the other end of the chalk string and tape it to the other side of the mat on the measurement you have marked. Make sure that the chalk line is taught and then go to the middle of the line on the mat, raise it off the mat around 2 or three inches, let it snap back to the mat and your cut line will be perfectly drawn! Remove the chalk line and you are ready to start cutting.

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Step 3

Now that our cut-line is drawn, take your retractable knife and extend it out about one and a half inches longer than the mat you are cutting is thick to allow you to clear the mat and the straight edge. This will keep the blade sturdy while giving you the necessary play with the knife to cut it properly while preventing the blade from ‘wobbling’, or stepping out from the cut-line. With the knife in its locked position, take your engineers straight edge and line it up with the chalk line.

Step 4

When beginning your cut, make sure that you are pressing down firmly on the engineer’s straight edge so that it does not move. Press down firmly on the blade and begin the cut from the edge. We have found that it is best to cut in one clean movement if possible, removing the blade from the mat and inserting it may cause you to miss where you left of and take another cut path. So once you start, try not to adjust unless you have made a mistake and have to. Cut two to three feet at a time and then leave the blade in the mat while you readjust your position over the knife again. Make sure that the straight edge is in line with the chalk line every time you re-adjust.

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Extra tips;

  • Change the blade if you feel it is going dull, the quality of the materials in McBryde Mats will wear out cutting edges pretty quickly.
  • If you have any ragged corners, or edges from the cut, use the T-square to keep the edge true when you are cleaning them up
  • Keep your weight directly over the blade to get the best leverage for your cut.
  • Be careful! These knives are sharp, stay safe.

There you have it! Once you are done, you are done and there is nothing left to do but start training! We hope this guide helped, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call into our support team, or drop us an email and we will help you out! Thanks for choosing McBryde Mats and welcome to #TeamMcbryde!

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