The benefits of jiu-jitsu for kids

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The benefits of jiu-jitsu for kids

Jiu-jitsu is one of the world’s most popular grappling sports. With it catching major media attention in recent years due to the popularity of combat sports most elite league, the UFC, or Ultimate fighting championship. People of all ages, races and from both sexes take to the mats every day to sharpen and hone their skills on the mats.

Jiu-Jitsu is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. In its birth land of Brazil, Jiu-jitsu is a sport that nears the popularity of soccer, the nation’s favourite game. Jiu-jitsu competitors are seen in the same light as the soccer mega stars and everyone wants to be the next Rickson Gracie. The jiu-jitsu lifestyle encourages clean living, free of drugs and alcohol, improved nutrition to enhance human longevity and teamwork and respect for others. kid

So who wouldn’t want to get their kids involved in Jiu-jitsu training? The benefits that it has to offer kids are huge. Their physical bodies develop into strong muscular and nervous systems from the training, their minds develop greater discipline and commitment while their spirits are enhanced by the mind-muscle body connection that allows them greater self-control and self-dedication.

Starting your kids of in jiu-jitsu may seems like a scary proposition, but don’t be overly concerned about their well-being or over-protective. Jiu-jitsu training, while physically exerting, is great fun and good exercise for kids to burn off all their excess energy with.

The most important part of jiu-jitsu is getting into a good school with a qualified, experienced instructor that has good knowledge of children and how to work with them in a jiu-jitsu classroom. A prime example of this is Daniel Wanderley, founder of the Wanderley Jiu-jitsu system and a well-established practitioner certified by one of the sports legends, Carlson Gracie, from whom he received his black belt in the Carlson Gracie style.   dan3

Daniel Wanderley keeps his kid’s classes fun but orderly at the same time, his interaction with the kids keeps them focused and keen to please him with productive results in their training. To find a school with an instructor of Daniels calibre is rare, but they are out there. If you find a school in your area that you think might be a suitable start for your kids, then give them a call and arrange an interview with the head instructor to find out if he is a good fit. Then simply stick around the classroom during a kid’s class and watch how he handles the kids, if you are satisfied with his instruction and the kids reactions, then the next thing to look for is that the kids are all having a boat-load of fun, while giving their respect to the teacher and their classmates.

The equipment needed for jiu-jitsu is relatively inexpensive to purchase, the training gi is probably the most expensive of the lot, but it will last for years and the kids will grow out of them eventually. If your child does take to jiu-jitsu you can be assured that he will grow up with a greater self-confidence than most youths that do not train martial arts. Jiu-jitsu is all about mastering yourself and the dynamics of your body and mind. Your kid will benefit from the extra disciple brought about in his or her life from the endless classes and hours of practise on the mats. This alone is priceless.

Kids who practice jiu-jitsu are less likely to be bullied than kids who do not practice a martial art and they also are less likely to become bullies themselves as they develop respect for the people in their community and social circles. This helps you raise a child with great personality, commitment and work ethic, in short, a well-adjusted youth that will make for a fine adult. Jiu-jitsu is a sport that takes a lifetime to master and when people get hooked into its wonderful flow of grappling, submissions and chokes, it becomes something that seems like a life path rather than just a sport. One thing is for sure, your kids will love you for introducing them to a sport that makes them a better person and a more functional, social human being.

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