MMA Fighter Drew Chatman Disqualified

MMA assembled such a following since it had all the ability and severity of boxing joined with the drama of wrestling (yet with moves that really arrive). Yet, despite the fact that contenders do some astonishing things with their bodies inside the octagon, there are clearly a few things that they simply aren’t permitted to do.

Drew Chatman will include ‘front-flipping off rival’s back’ onto his rundown after he really played out the move at LFA 36 in California.


Chatman went up against Irvins Ayala at the first-class occasion on Friday, and his rival really had him right where he needed him before an appalling mistake.

Ayala kicked Drew with his correct foot, sending Chatman on his back in the first round.

However, as the American went in for the slaughter, it appears as if he was thumped out by Drew’s knee in the wake of tossing a hammer fist on the ground. Rather than valuing the win, Chatman remained on Irvins’ back and played out a front-flip.


Unexpectedly, Attracted Chatman’s epithet MMA is ‘The Good’ – albeit some may recommend this move is definitely not.


People on social media seem pretty pissed at the move

Obviously, Chatman was excluded from the match.

Envision winning your first expert battle in the first round and after that positioning it up so awful that you get excluded.

Addressing MMA Battling, Chatman stated: “Typically, I commend my battles. On the off chance that you see all my novice battles, I’m doing flips, I’m doing cartwheels or whatever the case might be.

“I didn’t think before I did it. I just jumped and did a flip. So, it was almost like subconsciously I did what I normally what I would do celebrating a victory that I normally get.”

The California State Athletic Commission has suspended him from the game for 90 days and his installment for the battle is being withheld.

Chatman completely concedes what he did wasn’t right, including:

“It’s disappointing watching that. My mother has to see that. People that look up to me and see me become an inspiration to them have to look at that.”

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