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Monster Fitness

Gym: Monster Fitness Center

Address: 2525 Victor Ave Suite #1 Redding, CA 96002
Contact Number: 1-530-949-3477
Type of Mats Purchased: Black Rolled McBryde Mats


Monster Fitness

Monster Fitness Center offers variety of programs for children, young adults and adults. From `Women’s NOGI, Àcro YogaKids Aerial Yoga Program, Aerial fit,  Aerial Stretch and Flex they are the expert in the business.  You can look through their website for an easy access registry program you want and is suited for you. PLUS! If you call them now you can get a free class!


roufusport family

Classes Offered:

Roufusports is the one stop-shop for sports and non-sports enthusiast. They’ve got you from kids martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, fitness, jiujitsu and grappling. Take it from Joe Rogan (Expert MMA Analyst) as he describes.

Roufusport as one of the “best gyms in the world”. Also they established a generation to generation commitment to excellence providing their students the best of coaches and facilities you possibly could imagine.

  Enroll now in Duke Roufus Online Striking University and gain access to over 400 hours of online instruction in a reasonable price! Let be your fitness journey begin with them!

Gym: Roufusport

Address: 321 N 76th St, Milwaukee, WI 53213, USA
Contact Number:  414-453-5425
Type of Mats Purchased: Black Rolled Mats with artworks