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Did you know that you can get your custom mats with your artwork on them?

Are you a gym owner?  Or school faculty staff member that would love to see your mascot on the mats you have in your gym?  Now you can do that!  This is a great way to inspire team spirit and match the theme of your gym.  Custom art adds a professional and finished touch to your gym, too.

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On most other mats, after a while, the artwork starts to peel off.  Not standing up to the sweat, wear and tear of daily use.  McBryde Mats feels that is pretty ridiculous.  Mats that wear down prematurely reflects badly on the organization, as well as the manufacturer of the mat.  Well, there is good news… none of McBryde Mats art will come off their mats. If you customize your mats with a logo or other piece of art, it’s going to be there for life of the mat!

  • No more art wearing off onto your students or members
  • No more logo disappearing after a year
  • No more color loss

Your artwork is an important aspect of your business.  Representing who you are, what you do and is recognizable as yours.  When people see your artwork from the street, advertising or merchandise they associate that image with you.  Your logo is worth money!  The money that people pay to use your gym, taking classes, buying merchandise that you sell.  Your logo is not just your name, it is your legacy.


So when you get that logo or artwork put onto mats, choose McBryde Mats.  Your artwork will remain on your mats through all of the abuse you can throw at them.  Your mats will also be more affordable, tough as nails and look amazing.

You and your business deserve the best!