mcbrydeOur mats are composed of 2 layers of cross-linked polyethylene foam and 24 oz. vinyl. They have passed a drop test 2.2 pounds density through vendors we sell to. We currently sell mats which are 6 feet wide and can be cut to various lengths to meet the needs of the buyer. The design allows them to roll up easily and makes it simple to install or roll up each day for storage.

Our price point was set to reach clubs and families who have not been able to afford good quality mats for their homes or work-out facilities. As part of a non-profit club, we know how difficult it can be to raise funds to meet all the needs of your organization. This usually means larger items such as new mats, have not been an option. If you request a quote, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the cost would be an attainable fundraising goal for a club.

Our focus is in removing obstacles so we may introduce as many youth as possible to the great sport of wrestling, martial arts, gymnastics, karate, boxing, cheer-leading and any other sport that keeps kids active.


  1. Pre use Inspection
    Prior to using the mat we recommend going over each mat to make sure there are no holes, cuts, foreign objects, or stains. That could have occurred during production or shipping.
  2. Shrinkage
    All new vinyl-coated mats will initially experience shrinkage of up to 5-7% from time of production. During production mats will always be slightly oversized to account for shrinkage. The majority of the shrinkage occurs during the curing period, which usually occurs during the first 2 weeks after production.
  3. Temperature
    If you roll, walk or set anything on a mat that is colder than 40 degrees, it will crack. If the mat has been stored or transported in cool temperatures, keep the mat rolled up for at least 24 hours to ensure the mat is at room temperature before unrolling.
  4. Keeping your mats Clean
    The mat should be cleaned by sweeping and wiping it down prior to use. We recommend mixing cleaning solution with warm water.
    McBryde Mats offers quality cleaner and disinfectants:
    Kennedy Industries: http://www.kennedyindustries.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60
    Cliff Keen No Funk Mat Cleaner: http://www.cliffkeen.com/wrestling/accessories/mc9-concentrated-no-funk-mat-cleaner-solution
    Use a mop or soft cloth to clean the mat.  Do not allow any cleaning solution to seep underneath the mat.  Make sure there are no puddles of cleaning product or water on the surface of the mat for a long period of time.  Allow mat to fully dry before storing.
    Remove all tape before cleaning mats. Leaving mat tape for long period of time allows adhesive to bond with mat and permanently damage your mat.  Make sure you replace the mat tape every 1-2 weeks to prevent adhesive buildup.  Street shoes should not be worn on a wrestling mat.

    DO NOT USE BLEACH !  IN ANY FORM OF MIXTURE ON THE MATS AND / OR WALL PADDING.  This can and will cause a change in the ingredients inside of the mat.  All warranty work will be voided as such is used. 

  5. Proper Storage and Handling
    Roll mats vinyl side up.  Keep the mat tight and the edges in.  Roll the mat up slowly to avoid coning.  Never tie mats up with wires, ropes or chains. Never stack other products or equipment on top of your mats. Always store your mats upright on a smooth surface.
  6. Floor Materials that can damage mat
    New mats should not be placed on newly waxed wood, tiled, varnished, or synthetic rubberized floors until the mat is fully cured. The solvent in the mat coating will pull off the chemicals on the floor. Once the floor and mat are seasoned, it is perfectly acceptable to place the mat on the floor.

Download the owners manual


We suggest that you follow these directions when receiving an order from McBryde Mats.

Before you know your order will arrive make arrangements to have someone there to assist you with handling the mats after unloaded from the truck.  The company delivering will not assist you with unloading.

  • Thoroughly inspect your order as soon as it comes off the truck. You will want to look for any rips, scratches, deep indentations or holes.
  • Always look over the paper work given to you by the shipping company. Make sure that they are delivering the right product and the correct amount.
  • If you see damage to your product that could have occurred during transit please contact McBryde Mats before signing receipt.
  • Immediately describe all the damage done to your product. If the damage is beyond repair you have the option to refuse the damaged product.
  • It is very important to notify McBryde Mats within the first 24 hours of discovering damage. McBryde Mats will not be responsible for replacing product if the customer has signed to receive product and used the product. Make sure that all documents, photos, and testimonials are forwarded to McBryde Mats for insurance purposes.


If mat is extremely damaged with extensive cracking, peeling, tears, you will need to check with manufacturer to determine whether the mat can be reconditioned. Reconditioning does not typically restore the foam core of your mat. If your mat does not absorb shock as well as it did originally, you will need to replace the mat.


If you are not satisfied with your mats you will have 10 calendar days to return the item(s) from the date you received it.  We will not take back any item if you do not have your receipt or if it has been used.

When we receive returned item(s) we will notify you and inspect the product.  After inspection we will notify you on the status of your request.

20% fee for all refunds, when you purchase this is considered a contract for us to make manufacture your product in 15-20 business days, plus shipping and any ohter work (artwork or else wise) will increase teh time to consumer. This is a contract on the consumer side to purchase said product and the implied understanding these are custom orders and are done on first come first serve basis. If an order needs to be cancelled this will require said above 20% restocking fee for our material ordered to complete said order.


When returning your product you will be responsible for shipping.  Shipping costs will be non-refundable.

Please contact McBryde Mats if you have any questions about any returns.


Please be aware that all prices do not include the shipping. There will be an additional cost for all residential deliveries. For prices on shipping please give us a call at 844-856-4464 or email McBryde Mats at info@mcbrydemats.com

Download the owners manual

All prices subject to state and federal taxes where applicable.  All orders in Texas we will add the mandatory 8.25% tax to all orders


McBryde Mats offers a 3-year warranty on the lamination between the foam and the vinyl that it will not separate or tear.  McBryde Mats is not liable for improperly used mats.  Upon request for a replacement mat the customer is liable for shipping product to McBryde Mats to inspect mat.


McBryde Mats offers wall mats for all sports that require or desire them.  We do not guarantee that there will not be a possibility of a serious injury.  Please always properly use mats with correct supervision.  Coaches or Instructors should never allow unsupervised use by athletes.

Always make sure your athletes know the correct technique and maneuvers when using wall mats. Always make sure there is enough space to properly ex

Activity involving motion, height, or physical contact creates the possibility of serious injury. This may include permanent paralysis or even death from falling or landing incorrectly.



This mat does not totally eliminate all hazards and the following guidelines should always be followed when using a mat:

• Mats are often constructed into sections. These sections may move during the use of the mat. Check for proper fastening (taping) prior to use.

• Mat protection will vary according to room temperature.

• When using gymnastic equipment on the mat you must use proper matting and have a trained spotter or spotting equipment issued by the International Gymnastic Federation (F.I.G)

execute all moves without injuring others close by.

Any use of this product without the correct supervision could result in serious injury.  Monthly maintenance is suggested to make sure the mats are secure and not damaged from use.


1. Use only under the supervision of trained and qualified instructors.

2. Know your limitations and follow progressive training practices.

3. Be sure to consult your coach and instructor if an injury occurs.

4. Body slams or similar severe impacts are dangerous and may result in serious injury.

5. For wrestling purposes, always follow current National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Federation of State High School Association (NFSHS), or International Federation of Associated Wrestling Style (FILA) standards and guidelines.

Download the owners manual


We reserve the right to select the carrier in an effort to provide fast and economical service. McBryde Mats is not responsible for an inability to ship products due to strikes, transportation delays, material shortages, or any other causes beyond our control. There will be continuing improvements in the design and materials; therefore we reserve the right to improve products without prior notice. Prices are also subject to change according to price variations of production.

Where applicable: All prices subject to state and federal taxes. The Purchaser is responsible for filing all claims on damaged freight. Our responsibility ends on acceptance by common carrier. We require full payment before making and or shipping of your product. McBryde Mats has no control over the end use of our products; we will not be liable for accidents, injuries or damage connected with their use.
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All American Quality Mats and Accessories. Whether you're looking for Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, Wrestling, Gymnastics or other martial arts and padding for your School, Gym, Club, Gym or home we have the perfect products within your budget.

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