• Large 6" numerals. Score appears on both sides of easel for easy reading from any part of the gym. Designed specifically for wrestling, center panel indicates period. Flip over, large numbers are clearly visible at a distance Compact. Folds flat. Only 3" thick for easy carry or storage. One set of numbers is Red; the other set is Green. Scores from 0-100 points.
  • XTREME Impact™ Kneepad With Poron® XRD™ XTREME Impact™ Kneepad With Poron® XRD™
    Revolutionary Poron® high-performance pad, which creates a unique protective shield that can absorb up to 90% of the most intense force. Microban® Antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of bacterial odors. Machine washable.
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    RK30 The Wraptor™ 2.0 Lycra Knee Pad Placeholder
    This sleek profile kneepad brings added comfort and function with stretch mesh panels on the back ensuring a comfortable fit and increased performance on the mat! The Wraptor 2.0 also features anatomical wrap-around padding for high-impact absorption, lateral support, and a slim, comfortable fit. Air-vent holes for greater breath-ability. Inner terry-loop fabric for maximum comfort and absorption.
  • Youth Signature® Headgear features a new uniquely engineered foam padding designed specifically for the abuse of elite youth wrestlers while keeping the features that make the Signature Headgear a classic. Outer shell and inner shell 1/2" smaller in each direction compared to adult size. Straps will adjust to fit all youth head sizes.
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    The "Signature's" VNF foam boasts these same qualities that make it the best-selling ear guard of all time: Lightweight, more comfortable fit and greatly reduced friction on the mat. Fully adjustable. SP94 chin strap pad included. Can be adjusted to fit youth sizes too.
  • Designed to help protect facial injuries. Total padding on both sides. This competition model can be used in meets when there is documented evidence of injury. Now adaptable to fit any CKA headgear. Chin cup assembly included. Chin cup assembly and Chin Strap are available in white only
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    Replacement chin strap pad for F5 F3 Headgear. F3 Headgear
  • Case of 4 Gallon (KCD) Kenclean Plus Athletic Surface Disinfectant Cleaner kills the germs athletes need killed - MRSA, Community Associated MRSA, Influenza A Virus, Ringworm, AIDS, Herpes Simplex, Staph, Strep, Hepatitis B & C and many more. Can be used to clean and disinfect most hard, non-porous athletic surfaces such as mats, headgear, shoe soles, etc. 2 ounces of concentrate makes a gallon of disinfectant/cleaner.
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    • Premium Hair and Body Wash is ideal for those in demanding sports like wrestling and martial arts.
    • Clean, fresh fragrance (not medicinal). High foaming lather.
    • SPORT Hair & Body is a synthetic wash, not a “soap”. Soaps have a tendency to dry the skin, synthetic washes don’t.
    • You can purchase SPORT in quart bottles or gallon containers. Each gallon comes with a one oz. pump top for easy dispensing. Each quart comes with a shower sponge and an empty 6 oz. transport bottle.
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    CSM Chin Cup Assembly CSM Chin Cup Assembly
    Replacement chin cup, strap and buckle assembly for CKA headgear.
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    Will outlast any other ankle bands. Made from soft vinyl that wraps around and fastens with Velcro™. Easy to put on, take off. Washable-will not shrink or stretch out of shape. Set includes: 2 Red Bands and 2 Blue bands.
  • Wrestling Flipdisc Wrestling Flipdisc
    Wrestling Flipdisc