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UFC 227 Pick ‘Em Contest

UFC 227 Pick 'Em Contest

So you think you know your MMA? You think you can predict who is going to win a fight and how?  Time to prove it. We present to you The MMA Manifesto Pick ‘Em contest.

This contest is sponsored by McBryde Mats

We are McBryde Mats, a sports mat manufacturer that’s based out of Lubbock, Texas. Our CEO, Clayton McBryde, founded the company in 2014 after plenty of research and consideration into the mat market – Today we pride ourselves on making the best quality mats at affordable prices to keep athletes in all sports categories safe from accidents and injury.

This week’s winner wins a one month subscription to UFC Fight Pass!

UFC 227.  All picks need to be  submitted by 6:15 PM Eastern Sat, Aug 4th. 
If you don’t predict the correct winner of a match you don’t qualify for the bonus point given for predicting how the match will be won.
Only one entry per person.  Ties will be broken by the following, in order:
1) Most questions correct,
2) Most points earned from main event match,
3) Whoever entered their picks the earliest.

Click here and fill up the table on this link!

Pick now before the timer ends!

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